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Terrain Analysis Services



Data Analysis

Application of the Terrain Analysis System to provide a customer specified terrain analysis product.

To involve:

  • Physiographic/geomorphic characterization of project area.
  • Terrain feature extraction definitions
  • Landform extraction and delineation
  • Customer specified output

Data Sources

Data sources can consist of unique, customer supplied datasets or the following more generally available datasets: 

  • Elevation Data
    • SRTM
    • DTED (customer supplied)
    • USGS DEM
    • NED
    • IFSAR
    • LIDAR
    • custom formats
  • Landsat Data
  • Hyperspectral Data


Terrain Related Knowledge Engineering

We will work closely with the customer to develop custom Knowledge Bases for intelligent feature extraction. This can include the fusion of other data types such as hyperspectral or Landsat in conjunction with elevation data.


Typically the deliverable will consist of one or more CD-ROMs containing a web of HTML files that organize:

  • metadata:
    • data descriptive text
    • reasoning models
    • processing line-of-reasoning text
  • dataset illustrations
    • synthetic shaded relief
    • 3D anaglyphs
    • elevation contoured data
    • fly-over animations
  • feature extraction results
    • landform object delineations overlaid on the dataset
    • landform object attributes
    • drainage characterization
      • thresholded drainage delineation
      • Strahler stream ordering
      • watershed delineation



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